The Cooperative Societies Department is dedicated towards promoting the fiscal interest of the people through registered Cooperative Societies. This organization equips their members through training facilities in order to solve their residential problems by facilitating them with plots, houses, or finance for construction of their houses.
District Health Department prevails certain rules, laws and notifications such as:
The duties of the Cooperative Societies Department include:
  • Establishment/Registration of the Cooperative Societies
  • Audit/Taxation of accounts of the Cooperative Societies
  • Dispute resolution and settlements of the Cooperative Societies
  • Loan limit enhancement and provision of finance of the Cooperative Societies
  • Loan recovery of the Cooperative Societies
For the application of a cooperative movement, promulgation apart from the economic aspect, social and educational aspects were also included. This legislation is amended from time to time, keeping the current trends and developments of the country.

Objectives & Functions

The Objectives and functions of the Cooperative Department includes the organization, establishment and registration of Cooperative Societies, guidance to the members of these Cooperative Societies, audit of the accounts of the Cooperative Societies, settlement of disputes among the members of the Cooperative Societies, arbitration of the disputes/cases touching the business of Cooperative Societies, advancement of loans and provision of finance to the Cooperative Societies through the a proper channel, Recovery of loans, and if necessary winding up the affairs of the Cooperative Societies.
Main functions prevailed by the Cooperative Societies Department are as follows:
  • Organization and registration of Cooperative societies under Section 10 of the Cooperative Societies Act, 1925.
  • Liquidation of old and defunct Societies.
  • Action against defaulter societies in the form of an inquiry (under Section 43 of Cooperative Societies Act, 1925 ) & if proposed suppression under Rule, 48 of Cooperative Societies Rules,1927.
  • Conducting of Elections of Managing Committee of the Societies under Election Rules, 2004.
  • Miscellaneous Cases related to Cooperative Societies.