The District Attorney Department is located in Islamabad. This department deals with cases which are pertained to Islamabad, ICT. Recently, due to rise in the number of cases and the increased delay in them, the department has assigned a Special Public Prosecutor who attends to these cases.
     District Health Department prevails certain rules, laws and notifications such as:
The Courts deal with atrocious cases such as murder, smuggling of drugs across the globe (or within the country), dacoits, terrorist activities, and any such doings which would damage the property or would affect the human body in any destructive way.
The purpose of this department is to provide effective and an efficient Prosecution, which is fast, fair and just.District Attorney department is mainly handled by two main heads; Deputy District Attorney & Assistant District Attorney, functions are further prevailed by these authorities according to the roles they perform.

Deputy District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney pursue following roles: 
Deputy District Attorney:
  • To pursue the litigation pending in the Civil Courts, Islamabad.
  • To assist District Attorney in execution of the aforesaid tasks.
  • Pure Food Ordinance 1960 and PPC-269 & 273 Hygiene & Sanitation Rules for the purpose of food safety in urban/rural Islamabad.
Assistant District Attorney:
  • To pursue the litigation pending in the Civil Courts, Islamabad.


Functions being performed by each officer/official of this office:
  • Scrutiny Challaans of the criminal cases, trial by the Court of Sessions and the Special Courts.
  •  To conduct prosecution on behalf of State in the above said cases in the court of Sessions.
  • To oppose Criminal appeals and revisions filed in the Court of Sessions.To oppose bail applications and move cancellation petitions for the bails already granted by the above said Courts and the Courts subordinate thereto, in suitable cases referred so.
  • To provide legal consultancy to the concerned quarters for preferring appeals and filing revisions in cases of acquittal by the Court of Sessions, Special Courts and the Courts subordinate thereto.
  •  To provide legal consultancy in Civil Suits, appeals and revisions pertaining to the ICT Administration, Islamabad.
  • To vet the comments prepared by the concerned quarters on writ Petitions and applications filed against the ICT Administration Islamabad in Lahore High Court, referred so.
  •  To furnish legal opinion to the Chief Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner, ICT, Islamabad on the matters involving any question of law and legal proposition.
  • To manage the affairs and administration of District Attorney Office, ICT, Islamabad.