xcise & Taxation Department or The Motor Registering Authority, Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA), regulates registration of vehicles, levy and collection of various taxes, duties and fees etc. Time to Time duties and responsibilities are imposed by the Government including Entertainment Duty, Education CESS, Road Tax and With-holding/Income Tax etc. The Excise & Taxation Department also performs duties and functions of Special Motor Registering Authority for the vehicles owned by Foreign Missions/Embassies and United Nations etc. These functions are performed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This department also regulates sale of Pakistan made liquor to the non-Muslims.

Objectives & Functions

  • To build public trust.
  • To make the government more influential and the citizens of the country more transparent in terms of wealth and lifestyle.
  • In order to expand fiscal space and resources improve the inner system and develop active services style.
  • Create a tax-paying culture in order to improve service delivery and departmental image
The Taxation Department is also issuing new License Plates to citizens of ICT.