slamabad Capital Territory is the Federal Area, as declared in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973. Its administrative control has been awarded to the Chief Commissioner ICT vide the presidential order 18 of 1980.
   Food Department (amongst other formations) is functioning under the control of the Chief Commissioner ICT. The subject “Implementation of Food law” has been allocated to the Food Department Islamabad. Similarly as this very subject has been entrusted to the Food Department in all the other Provinces of the Federation.The Food Department has to be one of the most important departments belonging to the government.
     This department ensures that the citizens are provided with quality food commodities, available at affordable prices. This department is also inter-linked with the agricultural, industries and labor department, where the interests of the agriculturists/industrialist are safeguarded in order to ensure a fair price in the market. Rationing of the following commodities is done through the Food Department:
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Flour
  • Sugar

Objectives & Functions

The Food Department was established in order to combat the deficiency of food, by providing a fair price system to the growers, consumers, and the industrialists.

The Food Department is responsible for regulating business of food grains which includes:
  • Purchasing
  • Storage
  • Sales
  • Transfer
  • Milling
Basically main functions prevailed by food department are as follows:
  • To bridge the gap between the wealthy and the unsettled.
  • Provision of quality food at affordable prices.
  • Contend with the deficiency of food.
  • Regulation of prices, industries, and agriculturalists.