Provision of curative and preventive health services to the rural population of ICT

Through first level health facilities:
The first level health services are being delivered through 03 Rural Health Centers and 14 Basic Health Units. The services include immunization, antenatal care, and health education, treatment of general ailments and provision of essential medicines. During the year 2009, 30,000 patients have reported to these facilities. It is calculated that on an average, each patient was provided the medicines costing only Rs.11/- per visit.

Expanded Program on Immunization

Under the National Expanded Program on Immunisation (EPI) children of less than 1 year of age are protected through Immunisation from measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, neo-natal tetanus and childhood tuberculosis. The children are administered the vaccines according to the national schedule. In addition, the pregnant mothers are also given the T.T vaccine to protect them and their new born from tetanus. The EPI staff is also responsible to maintain the cold chain, reverse cold chain and ensure safety measures during receipt, storage and administering the vaccines. Surveillance of above-mentioned diseases is another important duty assigned to the said staff. The program staff also organizes the polio days.