National Program for Family Planning & Primary Health Care, ICT Islamabad

The Government of Pakistan started a countrywide crash program to provide doorstep Health Facilities with special emphasis on Family Planning and Primary Health Care. Initially the program was titled as Prime Minister for Family Planning & Primary Health Care but presently known as National Program for Family Planning & Primary Health Care. Under the program every 1000 population or 200 households are provided a health house. The Lady Health Worker living in the same area establishes the health house by converting a part of her own residence. A total number of 345 LHWs are presently working. The LHWs Supervisor is carrying out supervisory job while the District Coordinator is given a part time duty for overall supervision. All the logistics to run this program are being provided by the Federal Ministry of Health. LHWs are also involved in different kind of Campaigns run by Government of Pakistan, Like Polio & Measles etc. Besides providing the Health coverage, LHWs are also involved in collecting different kind of data on Health water sanitation indicators. During the year 2009, the LHWs for the purpose of minor aliments attended 317,700 patients. In ICT the LHWs program is also integrated with the RHCs / BHUs for the purpose of monitoring.