The Islamabad Administration with the help of different stake holders of public health authorities and private organization have taken immediate stringent measures to prevent, control and contain the Dengue Fever in ICT.
In first phase a meeting was held under the Chairmanship of D.C/Director Health, ICT, on 23rd August, 2011 for starting first round of Fumigation and Spray through three sectors i.e, Bharakau, Tarlai and Sihala. Consequently 03 teams were constituted that carried out the campaign in the rural areas which was completed on 30th August, 2011. Almost all the major villages of ICT were fumigated and spray out for vector control.

In the 2nd phase of campaign an other meeting of all stake holder was held on 07th of September, 2011 chaired by the Chief Commissioner, ICT, Islamabad attended by the DC/Director Health, DHO, Islamabad, Senior Medical Officers of the Health Department, representatives from NIH and major Hospitals of Islamabad besides WHO Surveillance Officer Islamabad to develop a joint activities plan for prevention, control & containment of Dengue Fever in ICT. Accordingly an intensive campaign for vector control and creating awareness in general public for preventing them from the bite of Dengue Mosquito was launched.

The following activities were carried out including:

1) Establishment of Dengue Fever Prevention and Control Cell on 15.9.2011 to coordinate all the activities and collect and disseminate the information.

2) Surveillance and monitoring being carried out for early detection of new cases and identifying geographical background of the admitted ones in different Hospitals of Islamabad.

3) Situational Analysis: Detailed data from admitted patients from all the five major hospitals of Islamabad is being regularly collected and updated, a daily comprehensive report being developed for the stake holders to take prompt action/response.

4) Launching of Website for displaying action being carried out by Islamabad Administration regarding prevention, control of dengue fever.

5) Vector Control.

6) At present 479 Nos. of mozas, dhokes, mohallahs and various premises of 133 villages spread over in 12 Union Councils of ICT were fumigated and spray out.

7) 73 Nos. of schools, public places, Govt. offices including NIH, Health Services Academy, Froby schools, Police Station, Police Training College Sihala etc. etc. are fumigated and spray out.

8) 19 Nos. of Water supply Tanks/Reservoir chlorinated by the Local Government.

9 )37 Nos. filling of ponds/treatment with kerosene oil.

10) Awareness campaign by the Health Department and UC/Revenue staff.

11) Total No. of 120,000 pamphlets bearing health education message for prevention & control of dengue fever were distributed. Out of which 22,000 pamphlets distributed to approx 21,320 houses through 333 LHWs in rural ICT and 35,000 handed over to Federal Directorate of Education for distribution in various school located in ICT. Besides Health Facilities, District Population Welfare Office, Islamabad Police, Traffic Police, public places including bank, restaurant, chemist shop are also been provided with pamphlets for distribution, 15 banners containing public messages were displayed at various public places in rural areas.

12) One hour radio Talk Show conducted in Traffic Police FM Channel on 10.9.2011 for awareness of general public. Health Education and information session conducted in Traffic Police Office, F-8/1, and Committee Room of DPWO at G-9 Markaz, Islamabad. In addition to that health education and information sessions were also held at Barakau, Tarlai, Sihala and Ali Pur where Nos. of people from various walks of life participated in the session.

13) Lady Health Supervisors were trained to supervise and conduct training of Lady Health Workers working in rural ICT and urban slums to visit every house in their respective areas to motivate the community about adopting the preventive measures for the prevention and control of Dengue Fever. In this regard LHWs conducted the visit of 31,936 houses in rural Islamabad/Katchi abadies and urban slums.

14)500 Mortein repellent lotion were distributed to the residents of France Colony, Urban slums in F-7, Islamabad.