he Panchayat is the grass roots level of an organization in the rural area. It is to organize the people for the purpose of identification of felt needs, formulation of action plans and development of local resources for self-management of projects. The Panchayat is a development body closely related with both the local population and the administrative affairs of the Union Council.
Main Functions: According to Capital Territory Local Government Ordinance, 1979, a Panchayat is constituted for a village or a group of villages, consisting of 5 to 7 members headed by a Sarpanch, or Chairman. The members of a Panchayat are elected from among the local leaders on the basis of consensus, and designated to meet the discussion of the production plans and development schemes in their relative area.

Union Council

group of villages (5-23) form a Union Council (UC), its a basic administrative unit in the rural area. The members of the UC (Councilors) are elected by ballot on the basis of adult franchise with an average of one Councilor for every 1,000 residents. The Councilors elect one of their members as a Chairman and hold regular meeting at least once a month under his chairmanship.
There are 12 Union Councils presently in rural Islamabad with a Secretary in each Union Council.
Main Functions: Besides the routine work of general administrative affairs, the UC undertakes, if necessary, the provision, maintenance, improvement and management of public structures such as roads, streets, culverts, bridges, public buildings, gardens and playgrounds, etc., as well as formulation of union development program, promotion of various cooperative associations, and approving projects to be constructed by the UC, especially with regard to educational and medical facilities, water supply system, sanitation and farm roads.

Union Council Process:

Currently, we are providing following services to the resident of concern Union Council
  • Birth Registration and Issuing of certificate to the residents.
  • Death Registration and Issuing of certificate to the residents.
  • Marriage Registration.
  • Process of Birth and Death Registration: The Parents or relative of the children/any person Registration are responsible. We need the following document, Name of the newly born baby, date of birth.
  • NIC of father and mother

Water Supply Scheme

e are providing clean drinking water to the resident there is form available for getting connection, normally only ID card has to bring for new connection.The Union Council incorporates the development program various schemes into the draft budget for the subsequent fiscal year and submit it to the Deputy Commissioner/Project Director LG&RD Islamabad. The Deputy Commissioner subsequently refers these schemes to the Rural Area Coordination Committee for coordination among the Union Councils in the area in terms of their planning and implementation. Priority of the schemes is given by Rural Area Coordination Committee (RACC).