Local Government & Rural Development

Local Government Institutions in ICT area are slightly different from those of other district in Pakistan. Most of our population is situated in the rural areas of the country, therefore, The Local Government and Rural Development are in control of planning, approving and implementing projects for the betterment and development of the rural infrastructure and also the improvisation of socio-economic aspect.
Objectives & Functions

The main aim is to arrange for an environment where proper hygienic conditions are the main concern and proficiently provided, clean drinking water, focused sanitation improvisation, health awareness, utilization of resources in short a proper infrastructure; are available to the citizens. The living conditions are focused for the rural citizens, where improvement on health, socio-economic conditions, reduced poverty and a lot more are dealt with.

Objectives & Functions

  • To improve living conditions for the rural and the urban sectors of Pakistan.
  • Proper provision of health/hygiene environment, including availability of clean food and water.
  • To bridge the gap between the rural and the urban societies.
  • Provide equal opportunities for education, jobs and well living standards for all.
  • Develop all areas, whether rural or urban, in terms of technology, education etc, within the boundaries of Islam.

Information Box

Head of Department:
Shafaqat Hussain Shah,
Assistant Director

Office Address:
ICT Agriculture Complex, G-11/4, Islamabad.


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