Civil Defense Department

Civil Defense Department, ICT aims to protect the citizens and the property of the state while creating an environment where people can actually prove themselves responsible citizens. Rescue services, crisis management, protection, and contingency planning are some of the areas covered by this department.

The Civil Defense Department enables the state to assess risks, which causes them to take precautionary measures, in most cases. Threats such as biological, chemical, conventional, wars, etc. can be prevented, or in extreme cases, delayed with the benefit of pre-planning and preparedness.

Objectives & Functions

  • To reduce and minimize the number of causalities.
  • To minimize damage and dislocation of essential services.
  • To ensure uninterrupted production in industrial and business concerns.
  • To provide active civilian support to war efforts.
  • To maintain in the people a high standard of morale and strong Will to Win.

Services Offered

  • Preparation of Civil Defense Plans at the local level.
  • Implementation of the policy lay down by Provincial Government.
  • Organization and Maintenance of Civil Defense Services.
  • Enrollment and Training of Razakars.
  • Appointment of Heads of Services.
  • Carry out operational functions.
  • Periodical reports to higher authorities.

Information Box

Head of Department:
Hamid Nasrullah Ranjha

Office Address:
F-8 Markaz, Islamabad


Contact No: