Chief Commissioner

The Federal capital is a distinct constituent unit of the State, under Article 1 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After amendment in Order No. 18 of 1980, the President conferred executive authority of Federation to an Administrator for Islamabad Capital Territory, later designated as a Chief Commissioner ICT.

Chief Commissioner is mandated to perform various administrative functions through its various Directorates and exercises the powers of Provincial Government under various laws to the extent of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). Furthermore, a Deputy Commissioner is appointed to address day-to-day administrative affairs of the district.

Following is the list of directorates under the Chief Commissioner Office, ICT:

Name of the Directorate Functions
Director (Administration) Director Administration ensures the development and maintenance of the organization charters and implement actions on the administrative policies and regulations.
Director (Development/Finance)
Director (Project, Industries and Labour)
Director (Agriculture) Director of Agriculture Extension Services – Enhancement of agriculture produce in Islamabad, and administration of agriculture produce market.

Information Box

Zulfiqar Haider Khan,
Chief Commissioner

Sultan Azam Taimoori,
Inspector General of Police

Capt. (R) Mushtaq Ahmed,
Deputy Commissioner

ICT Administration Complex, G-11/4,
Mauve Area, Islamabad


Contact No(s): 051-9108194

Fax: 051-9108314