Water Management Department

Water Management Department is one of the major driving force for transforming the rain feed agriculture into a science based, vibrant irrigated agriculture in ICT. The department aims to maximize crop and water productivity by ensuring efficient conveyance, application and use of irrigation water viz-a-viz promoting water management interventions through user participation.

Objectives & Functions

  • Utilization & Development of surface & ground water potential of the rural areas of ICT.
  • Conversion of Barani Land into irrigated land through installation of water conveyance network and Construction of storage tanks.
  • Provision of technical services for Operation & Maintenance of the schemes.
  • Increase in Water Productivity and change in cropping pattern of the area.
  • Efficient management of Water at Farm Level.

Services Offered

  1. Installation of Water Conveyance Network.
  2. Construction of Water Storage Tanks for enhancing the capacity of irrigation at farm level.
  3. Provision of alternate energy resources for water pumping.
  4. Exploitation of ground Water and Surface water resources.
  5. Mobilization of farmers through formulation of Water Users associations.

Information Box

Head of Department:
Ishtiaq Ahmad Jillani,
Water Management Officer

Office Address:
ICT Agriculture Complex, Mauve area, G-11/4, Islamabad.


Contact No: