Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner executes diverse administrative and executive functions for the Government in accordance with various Federal and Provincial laws in Islamabad Capital Territory. Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad is also the District Magistrate under Cr.P.C. overseeing law and order and security of the district. Deputy Commissioner authorizes and regulates various activities and functions. The Deputy Commissioner is coordinator of Governmental activities and the Head of District Administration.Overseeing various nation-building departments, the Deputy Commissioner plays a distinctive, leading role for the Government. Apart from the rural development task, Deputy Commissioner is heads various other departments which perform important administrative functions.

Following Additional Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners for carrying out various administrative functions assist him:

1) Additional Deputy Commissioner – Revenue

2) Additional Deputy Commissioner (E) / Deputy Director Auqaf

3) Additional Deputy Commissioner – General

4) Assistant Commissioner (Secretariat)

5) Assistant Commissioner (City)

6) Assistant Commissioner (Rural)

7) Assistant Commissioner (Industrial Area)

8) Assistant Commissioner (Shalimar)

9) Assistant Commissioner (Saddar)

Information Box

Head of Department:
Mushtaq Ahmad,
Current Deputy Commissioner, Islamabad

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