Prosecution Conduction

The office of District Attorney ICT, Islamabad has been assigned with the task of conducting prosecution of the cases pertaining to ICT, Islamabad. The cases are pending adjudication in various courts of the ICT, Islamabad. The undersigned conducts prosecution of the cases, which are pending adjudication in the Court of District & Sessions Judge, Islamabad while Deputy District Attorney is deputed in the Court of Additional District & Sessions Judge, Islamabad. Recently due to increase in the load of litigation, another Additional District & Sessions Judge has taken charge in the ICT wherein a Special Public Prosecutor has been appointed to conduct Prosecution of the cases pending therein.
These Courts try the cases of heinous offences like Murder, Hudood, Narcotics, Dacoities and others affecting human body and property defined under General as well as Special Criminal Laws. In addition to it, the cases pending adjudication in Civil Courts of the ICT involving precious and valuable rights of the State and its subjects are also dealt by this office. During trial of such cases, a lot of references, papers, documents, files, text as well as reference books are required to prosecute/defend the same which are sometimes not available even in the District Courts of the ICT and have to be collected from the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Further, during the course of evidence and arguments, often the learned Presiding Officers of the Courts are pleased to direct this office to provide specific documents, police files, case files, Challan or summon certain police officials, Experts and witnesses etc pertaining to or available at any place of Islamabad. Such type of directions issued by the courts requires immediate compliance.

Maintenance of Chalan

Further, checking of Challan and police files of the above said cases also falls within the ambit of this office with the object to point out defects and shortcomings in the police investigation of the cases and direct the concerned Investigating Officers to remove the same on the lines determined by this office. It is pertinent to mention that as per the latest statutory law and the directions issued by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan in Crl. Appeal No.143/2002 out of Cr. P. No.236/2001 (Hakim Mumtaz Ahmed Vs. the State) and Criminal Petition No.669-L of 2001 (Muhammad Alamgir Khan Vs. the State), it has been made mandatory to submit challan of the criminal cases to the concerned trial courts within 17 days of the registration of the same.
In this prospect; challan of the cases requires the earliest disposal. So in either case, the challan found defective or fit for trial, are required to be immediately sent to the concerned Police Stations for rectification of defects and submission of the same to the respective trial courts. Thus, for the purpose of effective Prosecution, a regular contact with all Police Stations of the District is also indispensable due to the reasons as aforesaid. It is worthy to mention here that besides the Special Cells for investigation of Special Cases like CIA, Anti-car lifting Cell etc, there are 10 Police Stations working in the ICT situated miles apart from one another.


Besides the checking of challan and prosecution in courts, an important task is to get references which are inevitable for the purpose of prosecution as well as to render legal opinion, comments and views on the matters assigned by the ICT Administration. The cases of legal opinion etc. are received from different quarters ranging from the concerned Ministry to the attached/subordinate offices and departments of the ICT
The references which include latest judgments passed by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, High Courts, Federal Shariat Court, Notifications, instructions and standing orders issued by the Central Government or Provincial Governments, are to be collected from the concerned offices of the respective courts or the Governments. For the very purpose, personal pursuit, efforts and research is required to be made in order to meet the task.
Being DDO of the Department, visits have to be paid to the AGPR to pursue the financial affairs of the Department. It is also relevant to mention that being head of the Prosecution Department, Legal Adviser of the District Administration and Prosecutor of the District, a heavy responsibility rests upon the shoulders of the undersigned.