Geography, Climate & Demographics


Islamabad is located at North East of its twin city Rawalpindi. Administratively, the city is located within the Islamabad Capital Territory, which is federally controlled, even though historically Islamabad has been a part of the Punjab province; more specifically the Potohar Plateau.

The area of Islamabad consists of 906 Sq. KM, in which the urban area consists of 220.15 Sq. KM and rural area is 466.20 Sq. KM respectively.


Climate of Islamabad is divided in two sub-categories as follows.
Winter season fall in from October to March and Summer duration remains from April to september. Weather of Islamabad tends to change over several factors such as western disturbance, fog, dust storm, south west monsoon and continental storm.


Population: Islamabad capital territory consists of population over 2 million. according to the search findings the density is 2,207 persons/Sq. KM.

Literacy rate:
Islamabad has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan, that is about 88%.