ealth Department of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office is responsible for maintaining health in the rural areas of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). There are twelve (12) Basic Health Units (BHU), three (3) Rural Health Centers (RHC) and two (2) Laboratories (Labs) working under the Health Department. There is a Main Drug Store which is located in the vicinity of District Health Officer’s (DHO) office of the Health Department, an attached department of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.
District Health Department prevails certain rules, laws and notifications such as:
  • Drugs Act, 1976 and ICT Drugs rules 1989 made there under to ensure the sale of quality assured medicines in urban/rural Islamabad
  • PMDC Ordinance (Amendment) 1999 to prevent illegal medical practice in urban/rural Islamabad.
  • Pure Food Ordinance 1960 and PPC-269 & 273 Hygiene & Sanitation Rules for the purpose of food safety in urban/rural Islamabad.