Domicile Certificate

Domicile Certificate is an essential document which proves that a person is an inhabitant or a permanent resident of the city. As per law, this certificate can be obtained from one city only. You may require domicile certificate for a job or for seeking admission in the university.

In order to obtain a domicile certificate from ICT Administration, visit the Citizen Facilitation Center, Islamabad. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step-by-Step Process

  • Complete your documents as mentioned in the below section
    (Your documents requirement may vary depending on your age)
  • Visit Citizen Facilitation Center, Islamabad to submit your application along with documents
  • Get a token and wait for your turn
  • Data entry
  • Obtain e-receipt after paying necessary fee that is mentioned in the information box
  • (We will process your domicile application)
  • Collect your Domicile Certificate on the date mentioned at the e-receipt

Documents Required

  • For the applicants who attained the age of 21 years (major)

    1. Copy of CNIC of Applicant
    2. Copy of CNIC of Father/Husband
    3. Copy of Proof of Residence in Islamabad (Allotment letter or Lease agreement)
    4. One original utility bill (Electricity, Gas or Telephone) of the residence
    5. NOC from the Department (For Government Servants)
    6. Copy of SSC/Matric Certificate
    7. Copy of Marriage Registration Certificate (for married persons)
    8. Copy of Form-B (if you have children)
    9. Proof of trade or occupation
    10. Two Passport size photographs
  • For the applicants who are under the age of 21 years (Minor)

    1. Copy of From-B or CNIC of Applicant
    2. Copy of CNIC of Father/Mother
    3. Copy of Domicile Certificate of parent(s) in which the name of applicant is mentioned
    4. Copy of SSC/Matric Certificate
    5. Proof of trade or occupation
    6. Two passport size photographs

Note: Applicant must appear himself/herself along with original documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I obtain a domicile certificate from two cities?
    No. It is not allowed under the law.
  • What to do if I already have a domicile certificate from another city?
    If you are a permanent resident of Islamabad and want to obtain a domicile certificate from ICT Administration then you should get your already issued domicile cancelled by the issuing authority.

Information Box

Dealing Authority:
Assistant Commissioner
(Industrial Area)

Relevant Law(s):
Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951

Citizen Facilitation Centre, G-11/4, Islamabad.

10AM – 3PM

Processing Fees:
New: Rs. 1,000/-

Download Form(s):