Agriculture Department

The Agriculture Department was established in 1981 to undertake the assignment of agriculture extension services to the forming community of ICT. The department provides first hand knowledge to the farmers for increasing in crop production and adoption of ne technologies. It is the prime responsibility of the department to strengthen linkages between research organization of latest technologies regarding improved agriculture.

Objectives & Functions

  • Provision of free services of trained staff and sprayers for the protection of crop in the ICT.
  • Guidance of farmers for development of tunnel technologies.
  • Provision of free input for demonstration plots.
  • Training of Farmers and staff.

Services Offered

  • Introduction of high value crops.
  • Provision of tunnel technology to the farmers for growing off season vegetable.
  • Training of Farmers, house hold female youth and nursery men.
  • Demonstration plots are established at farmer sites.
  • Special field days are arranged in each season.

Field Offices / Centers

Name & Address Incharge / Focal Person Contact No
IRD MArkaz Tarlai Malik Khuda Yar,

Agriculture Inpector


Information Box

Head of Department:
Extra Assistant Director of Agriculture

Office Address:
ICT Administration Complex Mauve area G-11/4 Islamabad


Contact No(s):