Excise & Taxation

Excise and Taxation Department, ICT deals with the registration and transfer of vehicles besides the collection of taxes and excise duties on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. Some of the taxes collected by the department include Entertainment Duty, Professional Tax, Education Cess, Bed Tax, Tabacco Vend Fee, Liquor Permit, and Property / Motor Vehicle Dealer Tax.

Notably, ICT Administration has also started a mobile registration service. The service can be availed through the official mobile app i.e. City Islamabad App. The mobile phone app offers number of mobile services to the users including token tax payment. You can also request for mobile registration through our dedicated helpline.

Objectives & Functions

  • Motor Registration Authority: All processes related to Motor Vehicle registration of Islamabad registered vehicles are managed by the Excise & Taxation Department, Islamabad. Like New vehicles registration, transfer of ownership of Islamabad registered vehicles and miscellaneous activities related to vehicles.
  • Professional Tax: Professional Tax is implemented under the Finance Act 1977. It is a tax levied and collected with respect to earning or income from any profession, trade, calling or employment for each financial year in addition to any tax, rate, duty or fee that may be payable under any other law.
  • Education Cess: The Education Cess is collected under ‘Workers Children Ordinance 1972″. Those companies/organizations / firms which exist within the territorial jurisdiction of Islamabad and consist of ten (10) or more than ten employees are liable to pay this tax. 98% Amount collected under this tax is utilized for the welfare/support of the DC office staffs children education and 02% used by the Excise and Taxation Department
  • Bed Tax: Bed Tax is implemented under the Finance Act of 1965. As per this law, it is applied on those hotels which are situated within the territorial jurisdiction of Islamabad and consist of more than 20 lodging units (Number of bedrooms) These hotels are divided into two categories, which are:
    Category I: Liquor Sale License Holder (Rate: Rs. 01 per lodging unit per day)
    Category II: Without Liquor Sale License Holder (Rate: Rs. 0.50 per lodging unit per day).
  • Property / Motor Vehicle Dealer Tax: Motor Vehicle / Real Estate Dealer Tax is taken under the ordinance of “Islamabad Real Estate and Motor Vehicle Dealers Ordinance, 1984”. This Tax is collected from all Motor Vehicle Dealers and Real Estate Dealers, who has their offices within the territorial limitation of Islamabad i.e. 15000 and 20000 rupees.
  • Tabaco Vend Fee: This fee is recovered from the Shopkeepers dealing with the sale/purchase of Tobacco/Cigarettes
  • Entertainment Duty: Entertainment duty is collected under the Ordinance Act, 1958. Entertainment duty is implemented on all those events which are organised for entertainment and charge some amount in this shape of entry tickets. According to the ordinance 100% duty will be charged on such functions.
  • Liquor permit Issuance: A liquor licence rule is working under Probation (Enforcement of Hadd) Rule, 1979.

Services Offered

  • Registration of Vehicle
  • Transfer of Vehicle
  • Collection of Professional Tax
  • Collection of Education Cess
  • Collection of Bed Tax
  • Collection of Property /Motor Vehicle Dealer Tax
  • Collection of Motor Vehicle / Real Estate Dealer Tax
  • Collection of Tabaco Vend Fee
  • Collection of Entertainment Duty
  • Liquor Permit Issuance

Information Box

Head of Department:
Director (Excise & Taxation)

Adjacent to HEC Building, Service Road, Sector H-9, Islamabad



Contact No(s):
Director: 051-9255987
ETO-I: 051-9265588
ET0-II: 051-9265589
Helpdesk: 051-9265500