Development & Finance Wing

The Development and Finance Wing of Chief Commissioner’s Office is headed by the Director (Dev. & Finance). Following branches are working under their control:-
  1. Accounts and Budget Branch
  2. Development Branch
  3. General and Coordination Branch
  4. Cash Branch

Main duties/functions of the Finance and Development Wing are as under and in performance of these functions/duties, the Director (Dev./Finance) is assisted by the Deputy Director (BS-18), Accounts Officer (BS-18) and Planning & Monitoring Officer (BS-17) as well as Assistant Director (General & Coord.) (BS-17):-

  • Planning, Evaluation and Coordination of Development Activities in the Islamabad Capital Territory including Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) and Islamabad Development Package (IDP).
  • Pursuing the releases from Interior and Finance Division for the various Development Activities going on in Islamabad Capital Territory.
  • Responsible for the preparation of all the Schemes including Non-Development and Development in respect of the Islamabad Administration.
  • Supervises the progress of the Schemes/projects and issue instructions on behalf of the Chief Commissioner.
  • Processing of New Schemes for approval of the IDWP, CDWP & ECNEC.
  • Review of Public Sector Development Programme of ICT Administration, its processing for approval, allocation of funds, release of funds, expenditure, re-appropriation and all other matters related to PSDP.
  • Liaison with International Agencies like JICA, UNICEF, FAO, World Bank etc. for Foreign Aided Development Projects in ICT.
  • Holding of IDWP meetings for approval of Development Schemes of ICT up to Rs.60 million.
  • Misc Cases relating to Cooperative, LG & RD and Auqaf Department, ICT.
  • Cases of hiring of office/ residential buildings and matters relating thereto.
  • Cases of repair / maintenance of requisitioned / hired office / residential accommodation / buildings.
  • Cases of payment of rent of hired/requisitioned office/residential buildings of Islamabad Administration.
  • Cases of allotment of accommodation to the employees of ICT Administration.
  • Purchase and auction/disposal of vehicles of Islamabad Administration.
  • Repair/maintenance of vehicles and other matters relating thereto, of Chief Commissioner’s office.
  • Matters relating to the installation/ disconnection of official/ residential telephones of Chief Commissioner’s office and cases of payment of bills thereof.
  • Payment of utility bills of the hired buildings.
  • Cases of procurement of stationery including local purchase etc.
  • Purchase of office equipments/ furniture and fixture etc.
  • Repair and maintenance of machinery, equipments and office furniture etc., of Chief Commissioner’s office, ICT.
  • Other miscellaneous and protocol duties assigned by the Chief Commissioner, ICT.
  • Preparation of and submission of Non-Development and Development budget of Chief Commissioner’s Office, ICT and processing the same with the Ministry of Interior/Finance.
  • Processing/examination of budget estimates of all the offices/departments of ICT Administration and processing of the same with the Ministry of Interior and Finance.
  • Reconciliations of accounts with the office of the AGPR, Islamabad.
  • Accounts matters of all the offices/departments of ICT Administration.
  • Audit reports/paras pertaining to various offices/departments of ICT Administration.
  • Matters relating to Departmental Accounts Committee and Public Accounts Committee in respect of ICT Administration.
  • Grant of permanent advances to the employees of ICT Administration.

Information Box

Headed By:
Director (Dev. / Finance)

ICT Administration Complex, G-11/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad

Contact No(s): 051-9108105

Fax: 051-9108106