Fisheries Department

Fisheries Department, ICT is a well established nation building department mandated to develope and conserve fish culture activities in Islamabad Capital Territory.

Objectives and Functions

  • Development of fisheries in water reservoirs of ICT i.e. Rawal Dam, Simly Dam, M-I, M-II and Kurrang Sohan River
  • Promotion of fish culture in Government and Private sector
  • To control illegal fishing in the water reserviors of Islamabad
  • Auction of fishing rights of public water i.e commercial fishing

Services Offered

  • Angling facilities to the general public
  • Motivation of the farmers for fish farming
  • Provision of technical guidance to the fish farmers
  • Provision of fish seeds to private fish farmers

Information Box

Head of Department:
Deputy Director (Fisheries)

Office Address:
Rawal Road, Main Rawal Dam, Islamabad


Contact No(s):