Food Department

Food Department, ICT is responsible for regulating the business of food grains including purchases, storage, sales, transfer, milling and quality control in Islamabad Capital Territory

Objectives & Functions

  • Monitoring the functioning of Flour Mills and Atta / Sugar dealers
  • Spot visits / checking of the quality and weights, rates of wheat and its products
  • Ensuring quality control of food items through raids, drawing of samples and instituting cases in the various Courts
  • Ensuring equitable distribution of Atta and other Food Stuff to the Shopkeepers and Whole Sale Dealers within Rural and Urban areas
  • Ensuring uninterrupted availability of Atta, Sugar, Rice, Dalis, Ghee, etc. and other Food Stuff in the open Market
  • Issuance of Foodgrain, Sugar Licenses to the newly installed / opened Flour Mills, Whole Sale Dealers etc
  • Coordination of wheat releases for the Flour Mills in ICT with Food Department Rawalpindi

Services Offered

  • Resolution of complaints regarding quality of food items
  • Monitoring of price of essential food items
  • Issuance of Foodgrain Licenses (Download Forms)
  • Issuance of Sugar Licenses (Download Forms)
  • Resolution of issues regarding availability of food items

Information Box

Head of Department:
Deputy Director (Food)

Office Address:
Plot No. 61-A, Service Road North,I-10/3, Industrial Area, Islamabad.


Contact No(s):