Islamabad Sports Board

Islamabad Sports Board aims at the promotion of sports activities in Islamabad in coordination with all other sports organizations.

Objectives & Functions

  • To organize, promote and develop sports, game and physical education in accordance with the policy of the Government
  • To ensure mass participation in sports, games and physical education
  • To arrange as per availability of funds, coaching and training programs
  • To register Associations of Sports, hold their elections under supervision of the Board in the ICT.
  • To promote formation and efficient functioning of the Associations of Sports in the ICT
  • To issue guidelines to the Associations to frame their bye-laws
  • To maintain continuous liaison and coordination with Pakistan Sports Board, Provincial Sports Board, Federations and Associations working in Pakistan
  • To encourage and promote sports up to club level
  • To organize annual youth competitions of various sports, games etc in ICT
  • To organize Inter-Provincial, Inter-district, Intra-district, local/club based tournaments
  • To collaborate Pakistan Sports Board, National Sports Federations and Associations in holding National Sports events
  • To maintain liaison with Federal Government, Provincial Governments and their respective Education Boards, Departments, Federations, Associations, Organizations and institutions to promote sports, games and physical education in ICT and implement policy of Government thereof

Services Offered

  • Promotion of sports in Islamabad
  • Registration of Sports Associations
  • Organizing sports events

Information Box

Head of Department:
Secretary (Sports)

Office Address:
Plot No 61-A, Teshsil Office Building, Industrial Area, I-10/3, Islamabad


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