Livestock & Dairy Development

Livestock and Dairy Development Department, ICT is responsible for provision of veterinary healthcare and artificial insemination services in Islamabad through 04 Veterinary Hospitals and 09 Veterinary Centers as well as Daily Mobile Livestock Free Camps at the farmers doorsteps.

Objectives & Functions

  • Provision of Artificial Insemination Services to undertake genetic up gradation of the production potential of existing livestock
  • Motivation of the farmers for improvement of Livestock management practices to facilitate enhancement of profitability in livestock farming
  • Preparation and execution of need based development schemes aimed at strengthening of the Veterinary Healthcare as well as Breed Improvement Services
  • Awareness campaigns aimed at educating livestock farmers
  • Collaboration with National / International Institutions e.g FAO, NARC, NRSP rtc, to organize livestock training programs , so as to control and contain the Non-contagious as well as contagious Disease like Rinderpest, Avian Influenza, FMD etc

Services Offered

  • Provision of efficient veterinary healthcare services
  • Genetic up-gradation of indigenous low producing livestock through Artificial Insemination
  • Training of farmers to achieve optimum production potential

Field Offices / Centers

Name & Address Incharge/Focal Person Contact No
CVH Rawat Mr. Amjad Ali 0333-5119936
CVH Tarlai Mr. Chanzeb 0345-9743861
CVH Barakahoo Mr. Abdul Rahman 0335-134158
CVH Bhimber Trar Mr. Muhammad Zakriya 0346-5927161
CVC Golra Sharif Mr. Muhammad Raziq 0314-5299435
CVC Noon Mr. Ch Khalid 0333-5161647
CVC Kurri Mr. Islam Badshah 0345-5034146
CVC Chiraah Mr. Muhammad Asif 0301-6021550
CVC Shah Alla Dita Mr. Zaid Ali 0334-2884266
CVC Tumair Mr. Muhammad Riaz 0314-5299435
CVC Pind Bhagwal Mr. Atif Saeed 0300-5751138
CVC Sihala Mr. Ali Raza 0333-5268150
CVC Sohan Mr. Tahir Massod 0333-5353152

Information Box

Head of Department:
Dr. Mehmood Rashid,
Assitant Director

Office Address:
ICT Agriculture Complex, Mauve area, G-11/4, Islamabad.


Contact No(s):