Water Management Department

Water Management Department is one of the major driving force for transforming the rain feed agriculture into a science based, vibrant irrigated agriculture in ICT. The department aims to maximize crop and water productivity by ensuring efficient conveyance, application and use of irrigation water viz-a-viz promoting water management interventions through user participation.

Objectives & Functions

  • Utilization & Development of surface & ground water potential of the rural areas of ICT.
  • Conversion of Barani Land into irrigated land through installation of water conveyance network and Construction of storage tanks.
  • Provision of technical services for Operation & Maintenance of the schemes.
  • Increase in Water Productivity and change in cropping pattern of the area.
  • Efficient management of Water at Farm Level.

Services Offered

  • Installation of Water Conveyance Network.
  • Construction of Water Storage Tanks for enhancing the capacity of irrigation at farm level.
  • Provision of alternate energy resources for water pumping.
  • Exploitation of ground Water and Surface water resources.
  • Mobilization of farmers through formulation of Water Users associations.

Information Box

Head of Department:
Muhammad Afzal,
District Officer

Office Address:
ICT Agriculture Complex, Mauve area, G-11/4, Islamabad.


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