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District Attorney

District Attorney Department, ICT fulfills the legal requirements of the ICT Administration including the Chief Commissioner Office, Deputy Commissioner Office and all of the departments attached thereto.

Objectives & Functions

Acts as Prosecution Department i.e:

  • Scrutiny of challans of criminal cases and after rectification of curable lacunas, submission of the same to the courts.
  • Prosecution of criminal cases in all criminal courts other than those of magistrates.
  • Functions as District Attorney Department i.e:
    • Preparation of written statements, replies, comments on civil suits, appeals, revisions, reviews, petitions etc filed against District Administration, ICT, in all civil courts up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
    • To pursue civil cases in District Courts, ICT.
  • As Law Office of the ICT Administration:
    • To submit legal opinion on all matters referred to by the District Administration, ICT, for the purpose.
    • To render legal services on behalf of the District Administration, ICT, where-ever and when-ever required.
  • As Law Department:
    • To draft and vet laws (Acts, Ordinances, Rules, Regulations, Notifications etc) proposed for the Federal Capital/ICT.
    • To make representation in the Standing Committees, Law Minister Office, Law Division and the Ministry of Interior on behalf of the District Administration, ICT.

    Information Box

    Head of Department:
    District Attorney

    Office Address:
    Block 14-T, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.


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